Two for the Price of One

Whenever you start to see a light at the end of the tunnel, you think to yourself “are we finally there… or is it another train?” On July 3rd, we had our second beta test, and it looked great!

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HCG is supposed to double every 48 hours, and mine was well above that! **Note: 10dp5dt means 10 days past 5 day blastocyst transfer**
They scheduled our first ultrasound for yesterday, July 10th. Now with my high beta numbers I knew there was a higher chance that it was twins, but we wouldn’t know for sure until the ultrasound. It seems like every wait gets worse! The days drug by until the ultrasound.

And…. it’s twins!

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This ultrasound is from 5w5d into the pregnancy. Even this early we got to see both heartbeats! One was at 108 and the other was too close to my iliac to get a good reading over my heart rate, but it looked visually to be about the same. In the ultrasound the top picture is the actually babies and the bottom picture is the yolk sacs. We have another ultrasound next Monday to see how they grew from their whopping 2mm each.

We are of course overjoyed, but I am still so scared. I am afraid that we will lose one or both or that something else will go wrong. I thought this would get easier, and maybe it will. Right now I’m still on edge.

Sending baby dust to all of my friends still struggling!


The Results are in

To say this was the longest TWW (two week wait, the time period in a natural cycle between the fertile period and waiting to know if you’re pregnant) is an understatement. Every hour felt like a day, and the days felt like lifetimes. The ten days was plagued with second guessing myself and the dreaded “what-if”s. What if it doesn’t work? What if it works but it’s a chemical pregnancy? What if the zombie apocalypse comes and Baton Rouge General gets overrun and I can’t get my beta test? Well, that last one is a stretch, but you can see how it has been a long wait.

Bed rest was enjoyable for the first day, even for the beginning of the second. But by the third day.. I hate to admit it but I was ready to get back to work. Bed rest gave ample more opportunity to overthink absolutely everything.

I thought it was in my head, but at 2dp5dt (2 days past 5 day blastocyst transfer) I started having small cramps. Not bad cramps, but it just felt like my period was coming. Little twinges that didn’t stop. On 3dp5dt, if I moved too quickly or unexpectedly I would get a sharp pain on one side of my abdomen or the other. On 4dp5dt, I felt like I had to pee ALL the time, and that didn’t stop.

I had been trying to wait until 7dp, but on Sunday morning, 5dp, I gave in a decided to take a test and this is what I got….


That…. that is a LINE. It might be faint but a line is a line! Taylor is drug administrator at 0530 in the morning… so I decided to surprise him.

I tested throughout the week and as it was supposed to the line got darker.


My first beta test was Friday. When I saw that phone number come across the screen I felt like my stomach was going to fall out of my butt. I answered, and everything came back positive! My first beta came back at 551, which the nurse said was fantastic for a day 10 beta!

I’m very anxious to see what my second beta comes back with tomorrow!