Plans and Probabilities

Today was the day, our IVF consult. We have been looking forward to this for a month. Until last night. Last night the reality finally hit me of what we were going for. This morning when we arrived at the clinic my stomach dropped as if I had fallen off of a cliff.


I know what you’re thinking. It was only the consult… but it just felt different. We knew the procedure. We had an idea of the cost. But going in and talking about it, seeing things on paper, and scheduling feels completely different.

Basically, the decision for us comes down to probabilities. With IUI, our probabilities after seeing our counts after the sperm wash were just too low for us to justify the cost, when that money could be going towards IVF where we have a great possibility. Dr. Dunaway thinks that with my age and my eggs, that our probability of success with transferring two embryos would be as high as 90%. So that’s what we will go with.

The soonest that our clinic can get us in is for the May cycle. That is much later than we were anticipating, but we are comfortable with Dr. Dunaway and trust his judgement. Now we start the process of evaluating the financial portion and what exactly we want to do. I’ll be doing another post soon explaining the IVF process.

So how am I feeling?


Yep. That about sums it up. It will get better, it’s just an overwhelming amount of information. Are we ready? Yes and no. Personally I’m ready to have it over with. Honestly, thinking about all of the stresses that we have right now it’s probably best that we wait until May. Soon we will have our heads wrapped around all of this and we will be ready to move forward. Thank you all for your love and support. It’s impossible to go on this journey alone.


Fertility Treatment Running Cost:
Ovulation Kits for a year: $80
Pregnancy Tests for a year: $100
Vitamins: $300
GYN Apt: $50
Semen Analysis: $175
Semen Analysis w/Urinanalysis: $250
Fertility Institute Consultation: $166 ($250 without insurance)
Clomid: $9.60 ($100 without insurance)
IUI Payment #1: $880
hCG trigger: $125
IUI Payment #2: $485
IVF Consult: $100

TOTAL: $2,721


One thought on “Plans and Probabilities

  1. I wish you the best as you start this journey!

    Not meaning to be a downer, but whoever gave you 90% odds for IVF is completely off their rocker. The live birth rate for women under 35 is between 20-40%, and with donor eggs goes to 50-60%. All of these success rates also depend on your endometrial lining’s ability to implant, and the timing of the transfer (highly recommend demanding an ERA as 25% of transfers are done on the wrong day).


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